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How You Can Help

Join a Community of Passionate Changemakers

We get asked the question a lot. “How can I help…really?” 
So many of us want to support initiatives that make a real difference. But it’s complicated!

And that’s why we provided a solution.

A comprehensive, up-to-date directory
To easily find, support and get involved with Australian-based social enterprises, charities, non-profits and socially responsible businesses.

Because we all want to back projects we’re passionate about… and know that our support will make a difference!

So, no matter the cause: homelessness, domestic violence, climate change, animal welfareAnd no matter the means: volunteer, donate, sponsorships, partnerships, finding socially responsible products…


We can show you How to Help! 

We’re One of a Kind | We are the only directory with such comprehensive search functions and results! 

  • Search over 100 different categories of Australian non-profits, charities and social enterprises
  • Easily find a cause you want to support and how to be involved
  • Or, become (and be recognised) as a HTH supporter on this very website and our multiple channels!

Endless Ways to Make a Difference | We’re all about inclusion. Anyone fighting for meaningful change is welcome here! That’s why our listings range from free to low-cost for the non-profit sector. Help with an issue that’s close to your heart – in a way that works for you!

  • Cover the cost of their How to Help listing
  • Donate – Directly reach out to your chosen charity/organisation to arrange this,
  • Volunteer 

A Meaningful ROI | The contributions from local businesses go a long way to sustain non-profits and charities. And means they can keep doing life-changing work! That’s why we have a page dedicated to acknowledging your sponsorships.

And, your business can be easily searched in the directory! 

Be Part of the Giving Generation!

Our Mission:

To make it easier to get involved with and support Australian-based charities, social enterprises, and profit-for-progress businesses that are making REAL change! So that they can keep doing great work and make an even bigger impact.


To not only be a leading, trusted source of information about how to get involved with important causes… But to create a new movement – The Giving Generation.

Help Us Make the World a Better Place

List Your Cause!

Open Opportunities for Sponsorships, Partnerships, and Growth

If you’re doing amazing work, then we want everyone to know about it!

Australia-wide Non-Profits, Social Enterprises and Charities

  • List your organisation and get seen. You’ll stand out in the crowded nonprofit landscape, and be open to more donations and funding opportunities!
  • Find aligned sponsors: Get found by businesses and sponsors that love your cause and share your values! And enjoy strong corporate partnerships.
  • Our listings range from free to low-cost for the non-profit sector, plus helpers can sponsor your listing fees! 

Australia-wide Conscious Businesses

  • List your business and get found by conscious consumers (your target audience)
  • Network with like-minded businesses and form sustainable partnerships
Gain Sponsors and Supporters to Increase Your Impact

Support a Cause

The Directory is here to make helping easier – And there are endless ways to do just that!

  • For Businesses and Corporate Giving Opportunities

Give back to your community by becoming a major sponsor for a local service! Enjoy recognition on our site for your meaningful impact! We list and pay thanks to sponsors on our Sponsors page, plus you can be found in the directory!

  • For Individuals Wanting to Support, Get Involved or Donate

Search through an easy, categorised directory for a charity or service you’re passionate about! From there, it’s easy to find all possible ways to help. Donate, volunteer, attend events and more.

Give Back in a Meaningful Way

Site Supporter

The options to give back don’t end there! 

If you’re an Australian Business looking to give back to the community – You can become a Site Supporter for How to Help! You’ll make it possible to continue linking generous Australians to amazing causes. 

And – together – make lasting change!

Help Us Make Lasting Change!

The Trick to a Great Partnership

We want you to be sure of a sustainable, aligned partnership that adds value to everyone! That’s why we’re here to help you navigate your sponsorship arrangement. And with years of experience managing corporate sponsor relationships… 

We know an important part of any partnership is ROI. Not just a return on investment… a Return of Impact!

A Return of Impact is knowing that your business made a difference… because you became part of the cause!

When local businesses back local causes – we create stronger communities!