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How It Works

Helping Made Easy

  • Get involved 
  • Take part in events
  • Donate or sponsor 
  • Switch to a socially responsible service or product
  • Find businesses that back important initiatives
Help Us Make the World a Better Place

How How To Help Works 

Save time trying to find a meaningful cause… 

With simple search functions and filters – it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Take an example:

  • You want to help rescued dogs and other animals (search by the specific cause) 
  • But you want to find a local initiative (add location to the search)
  • And you want to donate but also volunteer some of your time (now add the support type)

*You can search in any order with any number of filters and categories

Helping Just Became a Lot Easier

Find Transparent and Current Organisations

We wanted a database that was more reliable, effective and easy to navigate for any user. 

Can you believe that there are 57,000 charities listed with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission? And over 25,000 operating social enterprises that are doing amazing work! That’s more than 82,000 options… where do you even begin!? 

That’s why our database saves you time by searching exactly what you’re looking for! Find the right cause and the right organisation easily.

And every listing added to How to Help has undergone strict criteria. 

To make sure…   

They are still operating and working towards their mission
They uphold strong human rights values and ethical frameworks – at all levels
They are open to public involvement and are easy to get involved with 
They have a strong online presence 
They’re doing great work

Plus much more.

So you can be certain that services are genuine, current and have strong integrity!


If You’re a Change-Maker 
We Want to Work With You!

Get Involved!

Search by how you want to support:

If You’re an Individual

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Attend or take part in events
  • Fundraise
  • Use services
  • Buy responsible products

If You’re a Business 

  • Consider a Sponsorship or Partnership 
  • Donate 
  • Cover the cost of listing a non-profit or charity

Search by a cause you’re passionate about:

We’ve organised the listings in easy-to-search categories – so it’s simple to find a project that’s close to your heart.

Make a Lasting Impact! 

Sponsoring a Good Cause

How to Help is a social enterprise. This means that although we’re a for-profit company, we use our profit to fund our social missions and to make a difference!

If you’re a business wanting to back our mission, you can register as a Site Sponsor for our directory. We’ll showcase your business on our site, and users can find you in the directory under “Socially Responsible Businesses”.

Help Us Spread the Generosity!

Our Social Missions

  • A percentage of our profits go back to listed organisations! Through campaign awareness partnerships.
  • We commit to employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds. To provide education and upskilling for further employment opportunities and sustainable success! *I can add at-risk-youths specifically if preferred. 
  • We maintain discounted pricing for our services, so we’re accessible to charities and social enterprises of all sizes.
  • Wherever possible, we work and partner with other social enterprises for any of our outsourced work.
Be Part of the Giving Generation!