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Behind How to Help

The Purpose

How to Help grew from a strong desire to give back and make a positive difference in the world. Our founder, Stacey, and her family visited the UK and were heartbroken by the extreme homelessness they saw. They came home (to Brisbane) and made a commitment to do more to help the world. Starting locally

The Idea

How to Help was established in 2020. While trying to support local causes, Stacey (founder) struggled to find or get involved with non-profits and charities. Sure, it was easy to donate to mass-global NGOs, but it just didn’t feel like that was going back to her community… 

More than anything, she knew how many people were in her shoes – wanting to help but not knowing how. So she wanted to make giving back easier

It became clear that a comprehensive directory was needed. Not just to list organisations and charities (there are plenty of those)! But to make it easier to get involved, donate, sponsor and support in any way! So they can continue doing amazing work.


Our Team


Stacey MacMillan-White


Stacey has always been passionate about giving back to her community. She decided to put her  marketing and customer relations experience to a powerful purpose: 

To make it easy to support charities and social enterprises that help make the world a better place!




Stacey’s eldest daughter is our Vice President of Innovation (and our youngest team member). From a young age, Mimi has been an avid helper. She was a huge player in bringing How to Help to life. And her inspiration and creativity are hard to match! Mimi continues to add new ideas on how to give back to the community and support meaningful causes!

…That’s not the whole team, though.
A lot of help goes on behind the scenes, too! Including the rest of our family and our two lovely dogs George and Molly.

Get Involved!

Our Values

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We believe in providing honest and transparent information on initiatives that are doing GREAT work! You should feel confident when you offer your money, time or support – knowing that it will make a difference! FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR


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We believe that kindness should be at the core of any initiative! From top to bottom, any org should put compassion first. And everyone deserves to feel safe and included. Our directory is designed to make all change-makers feel welcome!

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We believe in social justice and raising awareness about social issues. We want to make sure that non-profits, charities and initiatives can continue to make an impact. That’s why we make supporting them easier!

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We want to strengthen communities by bringing them together. Our platform is a place to connect great causes to generous donations and support. This way, real change is possible, and it’s wider-reaching!

Become Part of the Movement

We’re a Social Enterprise

So… what does that mean, exactly? 

Well, here are some terms from the Queensland Social Enterprise Council to help us explain:

A social enterprise is a business that has a social mission embedded into its DNA. So it can directly address social, cultural and/or environmental needs. 

Unlike a non-profit, a social enterprise derives a majority of its revenue through trade rather than through grants, donations or gifts. Then it reinvests the majority of profit and resources back into its mission and impact.

And our mission and impact is to make it simple and easy to support important causes, and give back to our community! 

At How to Help, we align strongly with the following Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health and Wellbeing
Quality Education
Gender Equality
Decent Work and Economic Growth 
Reduced Inequalities
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Partnerships for the Goal

While we do list and promote all causes, we have a strong focus on initiatives that are trying to achieve the above!

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